Vegan Recipe Packets


We take the guesswork out of cooking with whole foods.


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Spice Packets for Beans

Add packet to cooked beans

Greek Hummus

Masala Lentils

Western Baked Beans

Asian Veggie Meat Nuggets

Cuban Black Beans

Mexican Frijoles

Cajun Red Beans

Spice Packets for Rice

Add packet to liquids 

Volcano Rice Mix

Tandoori Rice Mix

Vegan Mac Sauce Mix

Coconut Curry Mix

Cuban Rice Mix

Cacciatore Sauce Mix

Cajun Dirty Rice Mix

Each packet is measured perfectly to combine with one quart of cooked whole foods such as beans, rice, quinoa, or sprouted wheat.

We gather our spices from organic sources.

  • no fillers,
  • no additives,
  • no dyes,
  • no fragrance enhancers, and
  • no anti-caking agents .

Our spices might clump or cake because we refuse to add additives to prevent clumping.  The clumps will dissolve as it is heated and stirred into your cooked whole foods.

There are several reasons why we refuse to add food additives like anti-caking agents, the main concern being integrity of product. Adding any ingredients to our spices would compromise the flavor, quality and our commitment to product sourcing. The addition of anti-caking agents to powdered organic herbs and spices means you’re not getting a 100% pure product.


Sauces Mixes must be combined with liquids.  

Each packet makes enough sauce for one quart of cooked whole foods such as rice, quinoa, noodles or bread.

Sauces are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, low fat and low sodium.

Sauces will not only flavor your bland foods but will also bring color and aroma to the meal.

Can't cook?

If you are new to cooking with whole foods, we suggest that you begin with adding these recipe packets to canned beans.

As you gain confidence you might venture into cooking your meals from scratch using our plant based Meal Starter Packets.

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Each day of the retreat we teach you to cook from scratch using our pre-measured packets of whole foods paired with one of our signature recipe packets.

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