Vegetarian Meal Starters

Pre-Measured Ready to Cook

Each packet makes four 3/4-cup servings.

$1.69 per serving

28 Packets

7 Bean / 7 Rice
7 Spice Packets for Beans
7 Spice Packets for Rice

56 servings

$1.69 per serving

$94.67 shipped

Variety Box - 7 Ethnic Themes

7 Rice, 7 Beans, and 14 Spice Packets

Box of Meal Starters makes 56 servings.

What's in the box? See list below.



Start a whole new diet and lifestyle with weekly or monthly auto-ship.  If the box of food doesn't get opened, put it in a cool place. These ingredients will store well for years with no preservatives!


auto - shipped

Standard box includes one of each the packets listed below. Each packet is enough for four 3/4-cup servings.

Spice Packets Beans Spice Packets Rice
□ Greek Hummus Mix □ Garbanzo Beans □  Cacciatore Rice Mix □ Rice Spiral Noodles
□ Masala Mix □ Lentils □ Tandoori Rice Mix □  Basmati Rice
□ Western Baked Beans Mix □ White Beans □  Vegan Mac Sauce Mix □  Rice Elbow Macaroni
□  Veggie Meat Mix □ Mixed Beans □ Coconut Curry Mix □  Jade Rice
□ Cuban Black Beans Mix □ Black Beans □  Cuban Rice Mix □ Black Rice
□ Mexican Frijoles Mix □ Pinto Beans □ Volcano Rice Mix □ Volcano  Rice
□ Cajun Red Beans Mix □ Red Beans □  Cajun Dirty Rice □ Red Rice

Eco Friendly Packaging

Brown paper bags are our packaging because  beans and grains are living organisms and must be able to "breathe".  When they are stored in airtight packaging they begin to die and lose their ability to sprout.  The plain shipping box is biodegradable and reusable.  Once emptied, the box can be re-used again and again. Survivalists may even use the box itself as kindling.

Food Storage!

When you carefully store boxes in a container with a lid in a cool dry place they will store for years.

With a one-year supply of boxes in your closet or basement, you can rest easy in the face of a true emergency such as unemployment, disability or natural disaster.

- 12 boxes

SAVE 10% on 12 boxes

Boxes store very well
for long periods of time.

Purchase 12 boxes and have
enough for the year for one person!

one year plan

Create a food storage plan at the same time that you create your daily meal plan.

We provide you the most eco-friendly, compassionate, energy efficient, health promoting, fair trade,

cost effective, food storage method on planet earth.

Over the past 15 years we have released 8 cookbooks teaching people how to cook with whole foods. We have produced over 100 home videos for our youtube channel, and now have about 1200 subscribers.

For me food is a cause and a passion and part of my life's work.

We teach a vegetarian meal plan that rotates ethnic themes for each day of the week. "Monday Mexican" "Tuesday Tandoori" and so on. The Vegan Meal Plan teaches how to cook each recipe in mason jars in one big pot so that all cooking for the week can be done in one afternoon.  The rest of the week it's just "heat and serve." We call it "convenience without compromise."  We packaged our recipes in pre-measured packets ready to simmer.  This makes it much easier to make the switch to whole foods from scratch.

In the eyes of the traditional American menu, Food for Well-Being would be considered side dishes.  Each individual would then build their meals out from this core of vegan/vegetarian/gluten free side dishes.

Our strategic plan is to fund this food business venture through crowd funding pre-sales of the food packets. One box contains a full week of meals.  A one-year supply of boxes can be purchased ahead and shipped all at once as a food storage plan or monthly as an auto-ship plan.