Heart Attack Recovery-
I am a huge meat eater and love all dairy, so when I decided I was either going to have a heart transplant or change the way I eat, it was a tough decision.  I prayed about it and God sent me Tere Foster!  She showed me how easy it was to make a plant-based, oil free, diet a part of my life.  I was afraid that I couldn’t do it, because of the convenience factor, but she showed me how to spend just a few hours about every other week preparing and canning foods that will easily be heated up and served.  I didn’t realize that plant-based foods could be made to taste so many ways!  I am loving all the rice and bean combos!  I am a week into my decision and have already lost weight and feel less cloudy in my thinking!  I am believing that with Tere’s plant-based program, that I will be reversing this heart disease!!  I believe she can help anyone and she even will prepare it all and mail it right to your door.  Tere makes it a no brainer!  John Hill, Dallas, TX
Tere, It’s been 6 weeks and I have not backslid.  No meat, cheese, dairy, and most of the time I avoid all oils.  Feeling amazing!  Just went under 200 pounds as of today.  Working out almost every day and regaining muscle quickly.  This is the best thing I have done for myself since the heart attack!!  –John
Tere’ –
I just watched the video that you posted tonight on youtube and it was so appropriate for my day!
I have to say that your whole foods kitchen plan has been an inspiration to me!
I credit you with the “you can do it” attitude that I needed so much as I progress toward a more healthful nutrition plan where I am in control of my food supply, not some food producer using ingredients that THEY choose.
Tonight I made spaghetti sauce……no cans!  I was so proud of myself that I just had to take a picture with my phone, kinda kooky, I know. Tomato powder, garlic, an onion from a local farm stand, and grass-fed beef from the farm down the road. It tasted even better than it looked. “Buy the ingredients, not the product.”
Again, thank you. Carolyn in Idaho


I’m just writing to let you know I think your are amazing.  Not only that, but you totally exhaust me!  It’s been so fun to see what you accomplish.  Really, you could probably run for president and win (not that you’d want that job).  I digress.  I think the messages you are sharing are so important and how unselfish you are to so freely share your time and resources!  I’ve learned a lot from watching you on the internet.  Keep up the good work!

Leslie in Brigham City, UT

Tere, Thank you so much for helping me get this cookbook ordered, I know that Janet will love your cookbook as much as I do!  We have two married daughters living in So. CA, and while I was there last month, I gave them each a cookbook for their B-days, ordered  water bath canners, and bought lots of beans for them.  We got together one day and they each did a canner full of beans/rice, etc.  My DIL was here last week and I couldn’t wait for her B-day to give her your book, so I gave it to her early and she read and read from it!  We made almond milk for the first time.

I know that Leveda has been in contact with our Stake R.S. president about your coming, but don’t know much more than that.  We would love to have you come.  I will talk to Leveda about it tomorrow.
Thanks again,

Hi Tere,

I can truthfully say that your book has done more to help me use my food storage than the gazillion other books I have bought on the subject. They all had little pieces. You put all the pieces together in a masterful way that makes sense and is easy to use. Now that I know about it, it is impossible NOT to use it for me. Too bad I didn’t find your book first. I would have saved a lot of money.


Dear Tere,

I just want to thank you for all your hard work. I know you have spent many countless hours getting this information out there. In all my searches on the subject of being prepared I have never come across another site that covers as much as you do. You are truely inspired!

I love your whole foods kitchen set-up! I decided to do some price comparisons to see if I could find the bins at a cheaper price, well I could not! I spent many hours on the internet searching but could not find anything cheaper. Thanks for passing on the savings!

I know Heavenly Father will continue to bless you as you continue to spread his message. Thank again for all you do.



Dear Tere,
I found you through Meridian Magazine. You ROCK! I started watching your videos one night on YouTube and could not stop (a little addiction never hurt anyone right?). I cut a DVD of three of your bean “classes” to show to our RS sisters. We then served about 5 or 6 dishes made with beans as well as Quinoa. Perhaps one of the “extra” bottles could be for that. Anyway, you and your ideas (and chickens) blew me away. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for preparedness…it’s so needed.
Leslie in northern Utah


Thanks again for all of the great info. The longer I wait to order, the more stuff I want. :) I’m sure I’ll have to place another order after I get the book (and quit borrowing) and put more of it into practice. For now, Here is my wishlist. I’ve cut and pasted them from the website, but then I also put them in an excel spreadsheet to make them easier to look at and total. Let me know if that is possible, and how to go about ordering. I also need to know shipping charges and tax -yours seems different – here in TX we have no tax on food. :) Thanks again for all of your help. Can’t wait to try making my own soy milk with the soy beans. That will be something totally new and I love new food adventures. I also LOVE the waffle mix. I’m on my third batch already. What wonderful stuff! Thanks again!

Kimberly, TX


Hi Tere,

I have been devouring your website and your cookbook and loving all your great ideas. I can’t wait to get started!

Thanks so much for all your amazing work! My friend Kim and I are planning to place an order with you soon. I believe she has been communicating with you by email as well. Thanks for your help to both of us!



AWESOME!! I have wanted to get chickens but was worried about how to take care of them, if you can keep them on your porch in a town house then i won’t have any problems keeping them in my large yard, lol. THANKS for the video :)

I am grateful for your channel. You are the only youtube Prepper (other than myself) that Preps with Whole Foods. There are lots of websites but not informative visual aids like your videos. Thank you for putting out these wonder vids. God Bless You. I will check out your new website.


It is comforting to know that thee re a few people like you sounding the alarm. Unfortuantely the vast majority of Americans will not heed the warning.They have a veil of denial over them.They don’t want you or me to upset their happy fantasy land lives.You can be certain that when they are starving they will demand that those who prepared be forced to feed the unprepared masses.I am 52 and have been warning family and friends for 30 years.Even family whom I love reject my pleas.


Thanks, Tere:) I just love your enthusiasm! You’re just so knowledgeable.:)


Tere, I love your cook book, It;s everything I;ve been looking for. Thank you for all your hard work and a wonderful cook book. I;m going to try to get organized like you. Please keep the video;s coming!
Debora from Louisiana.

I appreciate your work which could more aptly be termed a mission. Keep up the good work.


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